For a Lifelong Learning of Adults ACADEMIC CREDIT BANK SYSTEM

Acquisition Process

The degree acquisition process is illustrated in the figure.

  • The Lifelong Learning Policy Division of the MOE formulates all policies related to the Academic Credit Bank System, approves the educational programs offered by education and training institutes, proclaims the standardized curriculum, and awards degrees to individual learners. The MOE delegates much of the development and administrative work to NILE.
  • NILE is responsible for student registration and credit approval, review and approval of degree requirements, accreditation, reevaluation of education programs, and management of the Credit Bank information service system.
  • Provincial Offices of Education, as Academic Credit Bank System information centers, not only collect and forward the Learner Registration Forms and the Credit Approval Application Forms to NILE, but also provide students with practical information and advice.
The Administrative Organization of Credit Bank Organization
  • MOE
    • Lifelong Learning and Future Education Bureau/ Lifelong Education Policy Division
      • Provincial Board of Education
  • NILE
    • ACBS
      • Office of Evaluation & Accreditation & General Affairs
      • Office of Monitoring
      • Learner Support Center
      • Validation Center for Self-Education
      • Office of Learning Management System

The Ministry of Education.

  • Formulates all policies related to the operation of ACBS.
  • Approves the educational programs offered by education and training institutes.
  • Proclaims the standardized curriculum.
  • Confers degrees to individual learners.

The National Institute for Lifelong Education.

  • Reviews and approves of accreditation requirements.
  • Formulates and enforces the reevaluation plan for educational programs.
  • Develops the standardized educational course.
  • Receives learner registration and approves credits.
  • Reviews and approves degree requirements.
  • Builds the ACBS information system.
  • Implements and operates The Screening Committee for Academic Credit Accreditation.
  • Implements and operates the ACBS information and counseling center.

16 Major Provincial Boards of Education.

  • Executes such affairs as learner registration, credit approval and degree application by proxy.
  • Provides counseling and information regarding ACBS.
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