Expected Outcomes

For a Lifelong Learning of Adults ACADEMIC CREDIT BANK SYSTEM

How Does the Academic Credit Bank System Work?

Expected outcomes of Credit Bank System are as follows.

  • Academic Credit Bank System will guarantee each learner's right to access learning, any time and any place, through a variety of methods, means, and media. It will also assist in the realization of a lifelong learning society by recognizing individuals' diverse prior learning experience.
  • Academic Credit Bank System will assist those who could not afford to attend university by providing opportunities to pursue learning and self-development through alternative forms of continuing education.
  • Under Academic Credit Bank System, organicities of cooperation will link diverse educational institutes, across both formal and non-formal domains, as well as vertically and horizontally. The eventual goal is to build mutual consensus regarding educational forms and outcomes, and thereby maximize the utilization of human and educational resources.
  • By providing alternative paths for degree acquisition, Academic Credit Bank System will reduce competition among students for regular university entrance.
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